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3 October 2014 – 5 November 2014

The Art is the Cloth

a traveling juried exhibition of contemporary hand-woven tapestry

The New Hampshire Institute of Art is pleased to announce

The Art is the Cloth.

In this exhibition artists will explore the various ways in which their tapestry making
reflects on the nature of hand-woven tapestry:
as a piece of cloth.



23 September — delivery of artwork (by post)

23 September — all work delivered by hand must arrive by this date

3 October – 5 November — exhibition

8 October — reception

5 November — close of exhibition

8 November — work shipped to next venue






The New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA), established in 1898, has long had a commitment to educating diverse traditional and nontraditional students in the fine arts, offering both degree and non-degree programs. For more information, see the website:



The Art is the Cloth will include those pieces which fill any of the following requirements:

  • 1. self-referential: images of clothing and the domestic fabric of every day lives—curtains, bed spreads, towels,
  • 2. historical self-referential: exploration of imagery from historical tapestries
  • 3. particular kinds of trompe-l’oeil: folded paper, or envelopes with canceled stamps, or flags unfurling, or rumpled blankets, etc.
  • 4. native american/first peoples/indigenous contemporary re-workings of the traditional: Navajo, Salish, Hopi, Saltillo, Zapotec, etc.
  • 5. exploration of the elements of weaving: effort to draw attention to the weaving itself, special materials for warp and/or weft.
  • 6. attention to the process of weaving: pieces where the story they tell develops in the order in which the tapestry is woven



Andrew Lucas earned his BFA at NHIA, and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is an NHIA adjunct professor of photography and has run the NHIA galleries since 2009. He has exhibited his own work throughout New England and the US.

Patrick McCay is Senior Faculty Fellow and chair of the Painting/Fine Arts Department after serving for 8 years as the academic dean. His education includes degrees from the Glasgow School of Art, the University of Notre Dame and St. Andrews University, He has exhibited his paintings in Europe and Australia as well as the United States.

Micala Sidore, BA, MFA, Goddard College, received her tapestry training at the Manufacture National des Gobelins during the 1980s. She has participated in exhibits in the United States, Europe and Australia, written more than 30 articles and given talks and workshops all over. She also served as exhibition’s consultant in the 1990s for New Threads at the DeCordova Museum.



The Art is the Cloth exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog, All selected artists will receive a copy and will be listed in the catalog; the accepted work will be reproduced in the publication. The catalog will be available at the opening and offered for sale at all venues as well as on the NHIA website.

The jury for The Art is the Cloth is delighted to announce that the following artists will participate in the exhibition:

ALDEN, Priscilla – Passages II
AUSTIN, Janet – Tapestry Diary 2012 — January – June
*BEGAY, D.Y. – The Natural
*BRENNAN, Archie – Tapestry No. 456, Drawing Series LXXIX, Seated Female Nude
BUCKLEY, Elizabeth – Portal
CORSINI, Deborah – Into Tumucumaque
CRARY, Sharon – WIld Turkey
DUFOUR, Line – Divine Intervention
EDMUNDS, Susan – Quiet Playground
EGEN, Su – Face 2 Face
EWEN, Thoma – Flower Gives Butterfly
*FRIEDMAN, Alexandra – Here Today
GARDELLA, Cornelia Theimer – Untitled 1 (Blue, Brown)
*GIBSON, Murray –Revenge: A Triptych — Tereus, Philomela, Procne
GOLDBERG, Tricia – Stamps
GRIFFIN, Joan – Sequencing Time
GUTIERREZ, Pedro Mendoza – El tapiz amarillo
HARRIS, Peter – Science Experiment
HASKELL, Sarah – What you will
HAYES, Joyce – Etude #5: Verdant Summer
*HELLER, Barbara – The Bride, Cover Up Series
*HEYDEN, Silvia – Crescendo with Mixed Threads
*IVERSON, Susan – Distant Boundary
KOVACS, Maria – B & Y = Green
*LAFFER, Christine – La Doña
*LAROCHETTE, Jean Pierre and LURIE, Yael –The Ancestor’s Garment
*LAZO, Luis – Huipil de las ideas
LIPPERT, Connie – Peace Doves
*MAFFEI, Susan Martin – Nessa, Nessa – Winter Moon
MARTINEZ, Francisco — El Jaguar
MAYNE, Lynn – Unicorn Dander?
MAYS, Anna Byrd – Pairs
MENDOZA, Jacobo – Cristo en la Cruz
MENDOZA, Marcelina – Raices del Tapiz (Laba ste ladi nuy)
MENDOZA, Maria Luisa – Caballo Artistico
MENDOZA, Rufina – Mazorca Prehispanico
*MITCHELL, Julia – Roman Wall Weavings III & IV
MOORE, Jan – Gift in Hand
*NORGAARD, Inge – Life Interrupted #1
PEARCE, Eve – The Guardian
PEDERSEN, Liv – Medicine Man
PRETTY, Suzanne – Pease Bypass
*RIIS, Jon Eric – Ancestor’s Tapestry
ROHDE, Michael – Erosion
*RUIZ, Erasto (Tito) Mendoza – Arropame
*SAKIESTEWA, Ramona – Urban Galaxy 8
SCANLIN, Tommye – Tapestry Diary – 2012
SMITH, Rebecca – Farewell to Summer
SOCOLOFSKY, Shelley – paper towel
SPOERING, Kathy – Dama con mangos
SUNDAY, Margaret – Granite Lace
*SWETT, Sarah – It’s Raining, said the Lady with the Alligator Purse
*TRUJILLO, Irvin – Profile
*TRUJILLO, Lisa – Four Season Tree
WALLACE, Linda – DisConnect
WARREN, Sarah – Seasons Pathway II
WEBSTER, Sandy – Tapestry Woman
WILLIAMS, Patricia – Failure to Communicate
ZICAFOOSE, Mary – Mountain for Buddha – Envy

* indicates that the tapestry weaver was invited to participate.

More information will follow.




Artists are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs to the New Hampshire Institute of Art. All work will be returned to the artists from the final venue, to be announced.

All artwork will be insured against loss or damage while on exhibit at NHIA.
Each venue will take all reasonable precautions when handling the packaging and the artwork, but damage incurred in shipping will not be covered by NHIA insurance. (NHIA will notify artists immediately in case of damage during shipping.)



Complete exhibition instructions will be sent to the accepted artists.

Artists have the option of having their works available for sale. If any tapestry sells, the artist will owe a commission to the venue (35% at NHIA, other venues TBA). International entries, in order to preserve their duty free status, will not be for sale.

All tapestries, including those sold, must remain with the exhibit through the last scheduled venue. The dates and venues for which the tapestries will be committed will be announced at the beginning of 2014.


Woven + Felted

The works and collections of Micala Sidore and Beth Beede